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Trial Practice Clinic, Hamline University School of Law


January 4, 2011


Trial Practice Clinic at Hamline University School of Law: http://hamlinetpc.homestead.com A clinical course taught by Larry McDonough, containing McDonough’s manuals, updates and forms.

Pro Justice: http://www.projusticemn.org/ Includes all housing materials available through the Housing Law Institute, including the Residential Unlawful Detainer and Eviction Defense by Larry McDonough, scanned unreported decisions, forms, and instructions. After registering (if you have not done so already), go to Civil Law, Library, Housing, and Eviction Defense.

MN Housing Law Resources: http://sites.google.com/site/mnhousinglaw/ (formerly http://ewilliamsen.cmls.googlepages.com/docs). Erik Williamsen’s collection of Admin Plans, Guidebooks, and other Docs for Housing Attorneys in Hennepin County.

Law Help: http://www.lawhelpmn.org/MN/index.cfm Answers to legal questions, finding legal aid offices, and court information.

Minnesota Legal Services Coalition (MLSC): http://www.mnlegalservices.org/. Support center for legal services offices. Includes education materials, research links, guide to legal services offices, and training.

Volunteer Lawyers Network: http://www.volunteerlawyersnetwork.org. Pro bono support in Hennepin County.

Minnesota State and Local Law and Agencies

Statutes and Ordinances:


Minnesota Statutes and Session Laws: Minnesota Legislature at http://www.leg.state.mn.us/leg/statutes.htm. You search by subject, statute, or chapter. For instance, you can down load or save entire chapters to keep on your computer, such as 504B (primary landlord-tenant chapter), 327C (manufactured and mobile home park tenancies), and 484 (courts, containing the expungement statute).


Minneapolis Code of Ordinances




Minnesota Supreme Court and reported and unreported Court of Appeals decisions: Minnesota State Courts at http://www.courts.state.mn.us/?page=1235. Older unreported decisions are included in the appendix to this manual.


Links to courts throughout the state: Minnesota State Court System at http://www.mncourts.gov/ .


Hennepin County (Fourth District) Housing Court. http://www.courts.state.mn.us/district/4/?page=128.

Housing Court forms. http://www.courts.state.mn.us/default.aspx?page=513&category=58

            Court Records: Minnesota Trial Court Public Access (MPA) Remote View


            Self-Help Center for Minnesota District Courts http://www.mncourts.gov/selfhelp

State and Local Agencies:


Minnesota Secretary of State: search for whether business trade names are registered:



Hennepin County Property Information Search: http://www16.co.hennepin.mn.us/pins/


Minneapolis Address Search:



A table of landlord licensing requirements are posted at:



Hennepin County Sheriff: Foreclosure Listings http://www4.co.hennepin.mn.us/webforeclosure/

            Hennepin County Human Services: How to Apply for Cash Assistance, Food Support, and Health Care



Local government web sites list: http://www.state.mn.us/cgi-bin/portal/mn/jsp/content.do?subchannel=-536879913&id=-8494&agency=NorthStar


Renters tax refund: Tenants may be eligible for a property tax refund based on household income and on the property taxes paid on the residence. http://www.taxes.state.mn.us/prop_refund/refund_information/content/renters_refund.shtml#P102_7799


Criminal History Searches:


Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension



Minnesota Vine Link Search



HousingLink: Affordable rental housing information for the Twin Cities and selected regions of Minnesota. http://www.housinglink.org/


The Minnesota Attorney General's Office


Landlords and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities: http://www.ag.state.mn.us/consumer/housing/lt/default.htm


The Manufactured Home Parks Handbook: http://www.ag.state.mn.us/consumer/housing/HomeParks/default.htm


Minnesota State Bar Association: Minnesota Standard Residential Lease, by the Residential Real Estate Committee, Real Property Section: http://www2.mnbar.org/sections/real-property/forms/leaseopenerv4.htm

            List of Notaries from the Secretary of State: https://notary.sos.state.mn.us

Federal Law

F. Fuchs, Overview of Public Housing, HUD Federally Subsidized Housing, and Section 8 Housing Voucher Programs, Poverty Law Manual for the New Lawyer (Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law 2002)

L. Krisher & S. Reif, Housing Programs Unique to Rural Areas, Poverty Law Manual for the New Lawyer (Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law 2002)

L. McDonough, Wait a Minute: Slowing Down Criminal Activity Eviction Cases to Find the Truth, 41 Clearinghouse Review 55 (May/June 2007)

Public and subsidized housing law developments: National Housing Law Project at http://www.nhlp.org/.

Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD): http://www.hud.gov/.


HUD manuals, regulations and notices: http://www.hudclips.org/

Department of Agriculture, Rural Development Housing & Community Facilities Programs:


National Housing Trust http://www.nhtinc.org/index.php

Listing of subsidized housing projects:

HUD Section 8 Projects http://www.nhtinc.org/project-based_section_8_data.php 

Rural Housing Service Section 515 Projects http://www.nhtinc.org/section_515_data.php

Other States

Law Help: http://www.lawhelp.org/ Answers to legal questions, finding legal aid offices, and court information.

Poverty Law Manual for the New Lawyer (Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law 2002)


Statutes: http://www.law.cornell.edu/statutes.html#state.

Statutes and cases: http://www.washlaw.edu/uslaw/statelaw.html.

New York City Housing Court decisions: http://www.tenant.net/Court/Hcourt/ and http://www.nylj.com/.