Tenants' Rights in Minnesota


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Housing Laws and Rules

Minn. Stat. Ch. 504B

Statute cross reference tables

From 504B

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To 504B

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Housing Court Rules, Minn. R. Gen. P. 600 et seq.

2010 New Laws

Summary by Volunteer Lawyers Network

Summary by Home Line

The Laws: 2010 Minn. Laws Ch. 315.

Eviction Defense

L. McDonough, Residential Unlawful Detainer and Eviction
(Updated April 2009)

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Fact Sheets (Minnesota Legal Services Coalition)



Public and Subsidized Housing

Tenancies Table Comparing Private, Public and Subsidized Housing, and Manufacture Home Park Housing

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F. Fuchs, Overview of Public Housing, HUD Federally Subsidized Housing, and Section 8 Housing Voucher Programs, Poverty Law Manual for the New Lawyer (Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law 2002)

L. Krisher & S. Reif, Housing Programs Unique to Rural Areas, Poverty Law Manual for the New Lawyer (Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law 2002)

F. Fuchs, Defending Families and Individuals Threatened with Eviction from Federally Subsidized Housing, Home-funded Properties, §515 Rural Rental Housing, §8 Moderate Rehabilitation, Shelter plus Care, and Supportive Housing, Hopwa, Tax Credit Housing, Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, Public Housing, and Project Base Voucher Program, by Fred Fuchs (Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid 2010)

F. Fuchs, Defending Families and Individuals Threatened with Termination of Their Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid 2010)

L. McDonough, Wait a Minute: Slowing Down Criminal Activity Eviction Cases to Find the Truth, 41 Clearinghouse Review 55 (May/June 2007)

Eviction Answer Forms

Eviction Expungement

Rights of Tenants Whose Landlord Are in Foreclosure

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Fact Sheet

Repair Cases:

Representing Clients in Pro Bono Housing Repair Cases, By Drew Schaffer, Slide Show

Tenants Remedies Table

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Emergency Loss of Services or Facilities Table

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Repair Cases under Minnesota Law Table

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Landlord’s Defenses Table

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Rent Escrow Action, Emergency Relief Action, and Tenant Remedies Forms

Representing Tenants in Housing Court Judge Reviews

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Judge Review Forms

Motion Practice and Arraignments

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Trial Practice

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Motion Practice

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Drafting Proposed Orders

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Referee (single spaced)
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Referee Yanish (St. Paul)

Referee Labine (Minneapolis)

Referee Gallant (Minneapolis)